CrowdAI (YC S16) Is Hiring a Machine Learning Software Engineer

CrowdAI (YC S16) Is Hiring a Machine Learning Software Engineer
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As a Machine Learning Software Engineer, you would be one of the first employees of CrowdAI. You’ll be working on large-scale computer vision problems, turning new ideas and the latest research into industry-leading enterprise solutions. You will be applying state of the art deep learning techniques to vast datasets of satellite, aerial, and drone imagery. You will be part of our machine learning team responsible for developing deep learning solutions end-to-end from data processing to architecture development to deployment.

* Significant practical experience developing Deep Learning models.
* Masters/PhD with specialization in Machine Learning or highly relevant experience
* Knowledge of at least one of the Deep Learning frameworks TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, Theano
* Experience with Computer Vision (OpenCV preferred)
* Solid software engineering skills across multiple languages including Python, C++
* Experience with deployment on cloud infrastructure preferred

How to Apply
Send your resume to and in three sentences or fewer, answer this question: What is a recent research paper you have read? Explain what you found the most interesting about it.

Applications are open for YC Summer 2019

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