JRPG Publisher Removes Producer From New Game’s Credits Because She Left The Company

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Brittany Avery worked at Xseed, a US studio that specializes in localizing and publishing JRPGS, for seven years as a localization producer and then left the company. Recently she discovered that her name had been removed from the credits on a game she worked on. In response to the controversy, Xseed revealed a policy that caused instant backlash from developers and players.

Yesterday on Twitter, Avery revealed the news that her name had been removed from the credits in a port of a game she worked on called The Legends Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel.

Fans of her work and the games she helped translate immediately responded, calling out Xseed on Twitter. Eventually, this backlash grew large enough to prompt the company to respond. For some reason, they decided to respond in the worst possible way ever with the reveal of a policy that only current staff members are credited.


According to this tweet, Xseed never credits developers after they leave the company, choosing instead to only credit people who are at the company when a game launches. This tweet caused an even bigger backlash, this time with many developers responding.

“Your company policy for crediting is and had been pretty bad then, and you should probably change it for the future,” said Rami Ismail, developer of popular indie games like Ridiculous Fishing and Nuclear Throne.

“You should have a meeting on Monday about this,” tweeted Nick Chester of Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite.


This policy is terrible and erases the hard work of people who might have spent years working on a game and simply because they leave before the game is shipped, all that work is left uncredited. Xseed isn’t alone in not properly crediting folks who leave or are let go during development. Rockstar Games has also come under fire for seemingly similar policies.

Video game workers being able to create and join a union would help kill this practice and also provide them with healthier work environments and better pay.

Xseed didn’t respond before publishing. This post will be updated if they do.

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