MTailor Is Hiring for Engineer #2 (Full-Stack Product Engineer)

About MTailor

MTailor sells custom clothing by measuring you with your phone’s camera on iOS and Android. MTailor’s computer vision technology is 20% more accurate than a professional tailor. We can deliver your entire wardrobe – jeans, dress shirts, suits, and even t-shirts.

MTailor is the first easy and accessible way to experience the luxury of custom clothing. At the same price as many mainstream off-the-rack clothiers (e.g., J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren) and with the convenience of an app, you can get clothing made to fit you perfectly, instead of clothing made to fit someone else.

We’re a very full-stack company; we market our own brand direct to consumers, design our own proprietary vision and fit algorithms and even own and run our own factory.

About Your Role

Join MTailor as our second engineer. You will become the primary engineer on much of our user-facing software. You will take ownership of our iOS app, and potentially our Android and web apps as well. You will work directly with the CEO to design and build new features, help roll out new products (e.g., polos), and increase customer yield and retention. You will also support a number of projects across our backend, including parts of: our database, our customer support software, our factory manufacturing software, and our business reporting. You will work cross-functionally with many members of the MTailor team to design and implement a variety of software.

We’re Looking for Someone Who:

  • Enjoys significant ownership over user-facing product
  • Can work independently
  • Is comfortable in a variety of engineering settings, from frontend UX changes to database design to quick-and-dirty python scripts
  • Wants to learn new skills (e.g., no prior iOS or React-Native experience is required, but you will then need to learn one of those)
  • Likes to ship code and test user-facing changes
  • Enjoys collaborating with non-technical stakeholders.

MTailor Company Values

  • Testing and Data – we like to test ambitious hypotheses with the lowest amount of effort
  • The Customer – we always start with what the customer wants (for both new features and product simplifications)
  • An Excellent Work / Life Balance – everyone has a life outside of work (and we encourage that); we are focused on results, not time in the office
  • Self-Motivation – it is frequently up to you to design and execute new initiatives
  • Collaboration and a friendly environment (we hate politics)
  • Building a great, sustainable business

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