Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Technologies: (see the following lines)

-> Programming-wise: Python, for scripting or with flask or sanic. Bash. Some rust, C# and PHP. Git, SVN. PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLite.

-> Sysadmin-wise: Linux, Redis, nginx, apache2, PostgreSQL, Proxmox, LXC (with or without Proxmox), docker, ejabberd, (a bit of) asterisk. Jenkins CI, Gitlab CI, Travis CI. Azure, AWS, GCP. Gitea, Gitlab. Ansible. I also have experience with managing physical, remote or virtual servers.

Résumé/CV: Please email.

Email: hnjobs@ave.zone

I’m looking for Python Developer, Linux System Administrator or DevOps positions. I have strong communication skills, good English skills (spoken and over text), experience with working in a team environment.


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