Location: Seattle, WA

Remote: On-prem in the city of Seattle or Remote are both fine.

Willing to Relocate: No.

Technologies: Linux, Windows, AWS, Docker/Kubernetes, Ansible, MySQL, Jenkins/CircleCI, etc.

Resume: Please see https://gvtek0.com which gives a rundown of my experience. I can provide my full resume on request.

E-mail: gvtek0@gvtek0.com (you can also use the contact page on my website)

The website above has a timeline of my experience with a bit of detail about each stop along the way. You can also contact me using the social links on the home page, if you’d like to chat. I am specifically looking for mid-level roles, I do not necessarily consider myself a senior, since I’ve been a generalist for my entire career. I’d love the opportunity to join a great team that includes some developers I can also learn from. My goal is to eventually become more of a full stack/Senior DevOps engineer (I also have a strong interest in working in security down the line), which is why I want to be around a solid development team. Building my programming chops is a huge goal right now, and part of that growth comes from finding the right team. I am primarily looking for a role that falls under the titles of SysAdmin/SysEng, DevOps, SRE, etc.


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