SEEKING WORK – Remote (US-based)
Full-stack developer who can help you build your MVP in a turnkey way (requirements/ongoing communication in, working proof-of-concept, MVP, or early product out).

Looking for projects starting soon with roughly 1- to 6-month timelines and budgets ~US$20k-100k.


– sanity-check and tighten up requirements and scope

– estimate time/cost to implement

– design and develop your MVP’s tech stack from the data store to the front-end UI

– perform simple server buildouts

– integrate with SaaS APIs

Preferred tech stack:

– Back: Python/Flask, Ruby/Rails

– Data: SQL or NoSQL

– Front: Responsive HTML5, moderate JavaScript or Vue

– Server: Linux VPS or AWS

Also do non-MVP web/systems development in Python, Ruby, and Clojure. Timelines from 1 day to long-term. Bill hourly/daily or quote.


Contact: or



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