SEEKING WORK – Latin America, US, Europe, Remote

Location: Colombia (currently) – United Kingdom

Senior data scientist, Mechatronics Engineer and Master in Busines administration with 5+ years of experience working with big data mining and analysis, business development, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, through several executed projects ranging from real estate, to Forex prediction, to surveillance and security.

* Django
* OpenCV
* PostgreSQL and MySQL
* Keras, Tensorflow and Caffe
* Linux Command line and Pipelines
* Github and Gitlab
* Hadoop Cluster management and deployment in AWS/Google Cloud

Previous projects:
* Forex price predictions using deep learning
* Prediction of Fluctuations in prices of properties and changes in circumstances of owners using demographic data for real estate achieving 68% of accuracy
* Development of software using LiDAR and PTZ cameras for surveillance and security, using DL models for object clustering and detection in pointclouds, and Caffe models for object and faces detection in Caffe.

skype: jomilopez992


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