Peakon | Senior Backend Engineers | Mobile Engineer (Android) | Engineering Manager | Data Scientist | ONSITE Copenhagen, DK or REMOTE Europe

Peakon is the world’s leading platform for measuring and improving Employee Engagement. We started Peakon to help companies around the world build better workplaces. We are a data company – not just a survey company – and this allows us to provide insights that will transform businesses.

As part of our company goals for 2019, we are scaling our Engineering and Product team and are currently looking for multiple roles:

* Multiple Senior Backend Engineers (

* Android Mobile Engineer (

* Frontend Engineering Manager (

* Data Scientist (

Our tech stack of Peakon centers around Javascript, with Node.js on the server and React on the frontend. We believe there is great value in a shared toolchain across the stack, enabling engineers to work on all parts of the system. Some tasks are better solved with different tools, and thus we use f.ex. Python for the data science parts of the system.

We are big fans of new JavaScript language features like async/await, and have made it a priority to stay up to date with the latest versions of Node. We are primarily hosted on Heroku and AWS, with an increasing number of our services moving to the latter. We use PostgreSQL (through RDS), Redis and ElasticSearch for storage.

Trust and transparency guide everything we do. At Peakon you’ll find a transparent salary model, unlimited vacation, minimal hierarchy, and maximum freedom to develop and execute your own ideas. Our style of collaboration is based on honesty and friendship, and we always love making new friends…

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