I hope all is well, reaching out with an opportunity to attend an accelerated hiring event for the Relational Database Service (RDS) for SQL Server team. The team has positions available in Seattle/Bellevue as well as Denver, CO. This event will provide you with an opportunity to join this team through an abbreviated interview process!

Amazon RDS SQL Server’s Manager – Adam Kane ( ) asked me to reach out to you based on your strong background and relevant industry experience in software development.

Our Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is one of the largest cloud database businesses, providing super-simple provisioning and management for databases in the cloud. Customers can set up a new database with just a few clicks, and complex administrative tasks like scaling, fail-over, and monitoring are handled in an automated fashion by our control systems. Providing such simplified management for customers comes with the challenge of building sophisticated and reliable control systems. The systems we build manage huge numbers of databases and vast amounts of storage across multiple data-centers world-wide, and our service is growing rapidly, requiring constant innovations in our systems in order to handle the next order of magnitude in service scale. You can find some more info on what we’re doing across RDS SQL Server here ( ).

We will be hosting the accelerated hiring event in our Denver office on Friday 4/26. Instead of a technical phone interview I can send over a coding assessment as the first step in the process. If you are able to complete the assessment with a passing score you will be invited to the event for an abbreviated on-site interview.

Please let me know if you’d like me to send over the coding assessment ASAP, the interview slots are filling up quickly!

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