Location: Boston

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes. Especially interested in Denver/Boulder area. Would also consider NYC, Charlotte, or Chicago. No west coast cities please.

Technologies: Python(Pandas, Numpy, Scikit, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Flask, etc), Kubernetes (Kubeflow), Docker, Seldon, Kafka, Spark, SQL (Postgres, Oracle), NoSQL (Redis, Hive, Neo4j), AWS and GCP.

Resume/CV: isaacmg.github.io

Email: igodfried@isaac26.com

My focus is machine learning. This includes conducting exploratory data analysis (Bokeh, Pandas), collecting/storing data (SQL, NoSQL, S3), preprocessing data (Pandas, Spark), refactoring/training models (Tensorflow, PyTorch, scikit, XGBoost), deploying models (Docker, Flask, Seldon, Kubeflow), and monitoring model’s performance once in production (Prometheus, Kubeflow A/B tests, etc).

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