REMOTE POSSIBLE: Yes. Prefer remote.

Python posts: (many)

Created xtopdf, Python PDF creation toolkit. Freelance developer, consultant and trainer. Worked with startups and large firms, US/IN/NL/CL, products and services.

Skills: Python, C, SQL and database design, Unix & Linux, shell, awk, sed & friends, back end web dev, REST, XML-RPC, XML APIs, PDF generation & text extraction, command-line utility dev (wrote popular IBM dW article on creating utilities, in C on Linux), Flask, MongoDB, SQLAlchemy, software design, testing. Did some Ruby, Rails and Java earlier too.

Was team leader of successful Windows C database middleware product; lots of Unix C work.

Overview of xtopdf:

xtopdf creates business reports & simple PDF ebooks. Supports 20+ input formats. Works with CLI, desktop and Web UIs, on Linux, macOS and Windows.

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