Opening API for the largest video game database in the world

There are two types of companies: hoarders and givers. RAWG is the largest video game database and game discovery service. And we are gladly sharing our 300,000+ games, search, and machine learning recommendations with the world. Learn what RAWG games database API can do!

Open API endpoints

  • search for a game by name:
  • get detailed information about the game:
  • find more games like X — our machine learning algorithm analyzes in-game content to find similar games:

You may find these Python (by Laundmo) and Node (by orels1) wrappers helpful.

API Rules

  • every API request should have a User-Agent header with your app name;
  • no mass extraction. If you need the whole dataset for research or any other purpose — drop us a line at and we will figure out how we can help you;
  • no cloning RAWG. It would not be cool if you used our API to launch a clone of RAWG. We know it is not always easy to say what is a duplicate and what isn’t. Drop us a line at if you are in doubt, and we will talk it through;
  • commercial projects need our consent, email at and we will figure out the terms.


If you have any questions about our API — we’d love to help. Reach out to us on our Discord, tweet at @rawgtheworld or email us at

Some apps using our API

  1. The Reddit games recommendations bot by Laundmo (Python, Gitlab). Over 50,000 redditors can use it!
  2. The games search in the PikaGirl bot on Discord. Over 30,000 connected Discord servers use it!
  3. The Telegram bot by Roman, our frontend developer (PHP, Github).
  4. The DTF bot by Samat, our CTO (Python, Github). DTF is one of the largest Russian gaming news website with an active community.

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