Hi — we’re Retool, a fast way of building internal tools. We launched on HN not too long ago (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17725966).

We’re profitable, growing quickly, and have raised money from great technical founders, including Paul Graham, John + Patrick Collison, Nat Friedman, Greg Brockman, etc.

The market for custom enterprise apps is huge. And we think that we have a promising shot at capturing much of it: we have a product that works, that customers love (go talk to any customer), and whose usage is growing rapidly.

We’ve significantly de-risked the business (good signals of early pmf, completed 10+ unaffiliated sales via cold email, are profitable, etc.). But there’s plenty of uncertainty left as well. For example: how do we convert early pmf into actual pmf? How do we scale sales? Should we be doing sales or marketing? Should we be selling to technical or non-technical people?

We’re now hiring for many roles, including engineering, sales, developer relations, customer support + success. If you enjoy, and are good at the following:

    - building things,

    - deciding what to work on, independently,

    - and getting things done + managing yourself

We think you might be a good fit at Retool!

If you’re interested, please email jobs@tryretool.com. Please include whatever you think could help us understand you, your background, and your accomplishments.


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