Hi — we’re Send Reality, and we enable anyone to capture a 3D model of any space, starting with real estate (https://sendreality.com/demo).

We’re profitable, have a backlog of bookings, and our customers already include some of SF’s top realtors. We’re backed by amazing founders, including Paul Graham, Paul Buchheit, and Ali Partovi.

We’ve significantly derisked many aspects of the business. Our customers readily switch from our competition, we’ve created a state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction pipeline, and we have a lengthy amount of runway, among other things. However, there are still many open questions. How do we scale sales to saturate a specific market? How can we make our reconstruction pipeline more robust, faster, and easier to use? How should we expand our infrastructure and operations to handle our inbound?

We’re on the lookout for:

  • software engineers,
  • computer vision engineers/researchers,
  • and our first business hire.

Ultimately, we’re aiming to create a digital 3D replica of the world. We want to enable people to explore and work with the real world, without having to be there in real life. If this sounds interesting, and you like building things, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email jobs@sendreality.com with whatever you think may be helpful for us to learn more about you.

We’re based out of SF’s Mission district, right off the 16th Street BART.

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