Three Great Kitchen Faucets, As Chosen By Our Readers

We had a low pressure stream of nominations this week, but these three kitchen faucets were all recommended by readers, and feature great reviews. So see what you all had to say, then vote for your pick at the bottom of the post.

Kraus Nola


It’s gorgeous, and super functional. I was weary because I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but it has met my quite stringent expectations. No complaints. The spray auto-shut off is such a great feature for sinks. – JayFra

Delta Touch2O

Delta Touch2O is my favorite. When I bought my condo I got it, and then when I bought a house I decided to upgrade again to it. I like that I can set the temperature and then turn it off and on as needed to avoid wasting water. I also like being able to tap it with an elbow when i need to wash my hands after touching uncooked meat/dough/other messiness. Plus it looks great, and the spray handle retracts well if you install the correct weight (I accidentally put the one from the old faucet on instead and haven’t gotten around to fixing it but the first one had the right weight on and worked well). – Bitch Please, Go Learn Math


Riobel Ludik

Riobel Ludik. The biggest reason i love this faucet: their handspray “boomerang” system. we’ve always had issues with poor retraction on the handspray with other faucetes but this has always been smooth and retracts completely. plus, design-wise, it’s very clean looking but the handle adds a subtle hint of personality. – waitwaitcoykoi


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